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The original version of this has been making the rounds for a while, particularly (and sadly) on the accounts of ISIS supporters, who seem incapable of grasping the bitter irony of their own fundamental inhumanity.

I “adjusted” it to make a point: Whether Gaza or Iraq, at the hands of IDF or ISIS savagery, the story is the same.

For the love of Imam al-Husayn (AS), please reblog this. The eyes of the world are on Gaza; meanwhile the lovers of Ahlul Bayt (AS) in Iraq are suffocating beneath the tyranny of the Satanic State.

Okay so ferguson is important, like this is a huge moment in American history, BUT why the fuck is no one talking about Syria and Iraq right now!? There is an Englishman making threats with a severed head. The US is bombing a country we refuse to put troops in. People are being killed over their religion and ethnicity on a much larger scale than Ferguson. All of this needs to be talked about, regardless of what side people are on.

Am I the only one who likes to imagine what my genitals would sound like if they could talk? I feel like for me it would be something shrill, annoying, and energetic like Chris Rock. “Oh shit, we ain’t never masterbated to that!” “Yea, cause we’re not into that” “Speak for yo self!” “Penis go to sleep” “nno” “go to sleep” “nnno” sleep” “sleep” “nnnno”
Seriously reblog with the voice of your genitals.


"If I was gay…" and "I’m not gay but…." by Zachary Colin Rance

no homo level 1,000

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Anaconda (Song)

So this is the type of thing I would normally do on my review blog, purelyrandomreviews, but I have a feeling this review is gonna piss some people off so I’ll do it on my anti-sjw blog. This song is awful. The sample is actually lazier then the song it came from (and Baby Got Back’s beat isn’t exactly Mozart let me remind you), The wordplay is Vanilla Ice era horrible, and Nicki’s flow is at it’s worst. I’m not a huge fan of her rapping in general, they way she slurs words was a cute gimmick at one point, but as soon as you realize it’s just so she can force rhymes, it gets old. However, this song completely lacks in the speed and difficulty that she has shown in a select few songs. And I know speed isn’t everything. Snoop Dogg, Dr Dre, and even Sir Mixalot have proven that it is possible to be very talented rappers without speed. Yet, where they seemed calm, smooth, and graceful, Nicki Minaj seems like she just can’t catch up with her own beat and when she painfully stretches her words it just comes across as amaturish. Speaking of amaturish, the lyrics are just pathetic. I’m reminded of the Bloodhound Gang, but with none of the irony or wit. I guess Baby Got Back wasn’t always super smooth, but atleast Mixalot sounded like he was having fun. He also never did sound effects (the rap equivalent of telling the audience that you have completely given up trying to write anything).
So why is this getting so much tumblr buzz? I have three guesses:
1) She looks really hot in the video.
This is true, but if attractiveness was an indicater of quality Twilight would have become a blockbuster, Megan Fox/Ryan Gosling would still have careers, and people would think Sherlock was still a decent show even after season 3.
2) There’s a double-standard that men are aloud to sing raunchy over-sexualized songs with no depth.
I agree, we should hold men to higher standards.
3) She’s promoting different body types as attractive.
Sort of… She’s saying fat women are hot in the same way Baby Got Back, Fat Bottom Girls, and Wiggle are. They all say they like a fat ass, but nothing else about a fat woman. Baby Got Back even says he wants girls “little in the middle.” My best evidence for this the music video. None of the girls are actually fat, they’re curvy in a way most people would agree is attractive. It’s not challenging any conventions of beauty. It’s not saying “pot bellies are sexy” it’s saying “girls with big butts, but otherwise relatively fit” are attractive.
Then again if I’m missing something reblog or send me an ask. I don’t think someone will convince me that this is a good song, but maybe you’ll point out some likeable qualities.

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